Mind Defense is a non-profit child advocacy organization that has worked relentlessly for a long period of time to ensure a level playing field for all children with a high intellectual capacity. We think that it is our duty as citizens of the world to help in programs that lift children out of poverty; protect them from abuse and neglect; and ensure their access to quality education as well as a moral and spiritual foundation. Supported by individual donations, Mind Defense advocates in Haiti on behalf of children to ensure that they are always a priority.

Mind Defense started in 2009 when we had a really great idea to help children that were facing big problems in their lives.  We aimed to help the children by raising money to provide access to the things they really need.  

        Mind Defense's Activities 

  Providing scholarships to people in Haiti wanting to go to school

  Providing technology resources to the children in Haiti to help them ready for the 21st Century world competition.


Starting educational institution in Haiti 

The activities in Haiti of Mind defense will help improve the lives of the needy, poor, and down trodden of Haiti. We will help them become better educated and help them open their own businesses. By doing this their economy will improve and the people of Haiti will not need as much help from foreign countries and organizations as it has in the past.

We provide the tuition fee of the schools based on what they charge. The fee goes toward  mostly socially and economically backward (untouchables) students who were successful in the 7th grade and working forward to finish high school and going to college in Haiti. This is to encourage them for their hard work despite all odds and we advise them to return in the future acts of kindness to their community.

We physically visit the school establishment to meet with the school directors in Leogane calling for applications from eligible students. 

The current eligibility requirements are that they secure in the five greatest scores of the class in each grade level, having high intellectual capacity, well motivated educationally, and they should live within a reasonable distance from the activities center. The program includes boys and girls who fall under our criteria.

This students should maintain a position on the five highest score of the class in order to continue in our program and be punctual in our After School activities with an attendance of at least 90%.